Banquet is Friday, April 12th 2019

registration open FB-01It’s time for our FREE annual celebration! This year’s banquet theme is “Party with a Purpose,” to set the stage for an event filled with both merriment and meaning—Similar to the experience teens find when going to a Young Life Club.

We are inviting our friends and sponsors of Young Life Kansas City Urban to gather together for a night of fun, fellowshipping, and learning more about our ministry within the area.

We are excited to share how Young Life has moved our community in enriching the lives of kids and adults and partnering with those wanting to engage with us.

Additionally, food and drinks will be provided!  Click Here for info!

Work Crew Training 2019

Work Crew Training Weekend 2019

These students have been with us for a long time. We are literally fighting for them.

It’s exciting for us to see how the Lord has worked and is working in their lives. We dug deep into work projects, the Bible, and in small group discussions. We heard stories we’ve never heard before about what it’s like for them as they do all they can to follow jesus. Their stories depict messy situations and challenging circumstances. They reveal that their heart is for Jesus but some of them lack the skills and tools necessary to process and handle things accordingly. However, each student has verbally declared their “YES” to Jesus. That’s how they’ve gotten here. Isn’t that all Jesus requires of us each day?  We see the evidence of the Holy Spirit’s transforming power in their lives. HALLELUJAH!
Thank you for praying. We had an amazing weekend. To God be the glory!