First Summer at Clearwater Cove


One of our girls, Cassidy, had just graduated from high school and was prepared to attend college. Less than three weeks before our camp trip this past summer, she discovered that she was almost 8 weeks pregnant, and it shook up her whole world. Her boyfriend ended their one year relationship instantly, and she was overwhelmed with unrelenting pressure from his family to give up the baby. Her family’s support compelled her to keep the baby and courageously approach the next few months. Cassidy’s leader, Lauren, sat down with her mom and insisted that she should still have the full camp experience before she left for college in the fall. Cassidy’s mom agreed, and she attended camp with us this summer at Clearwater Cove in Lampe, Missouri. Immediately, Cassidy connected with the girls in her cabin in ways she could have never imagined, and instantly made new friends. When Lauren and Cassidy had a one-on-one conversation at the end of the week, Cassidy said, “When I was packing for camp, I filled my suitcase with baggy clothes. I was prepared to not tell anyone about the pregnancy, cover my stomach, and keep it a secret all week. I figured I would be at ‘church camp’, surrounded by a bunch of kids and adults who would just judge me and my situation. Instead, every adult I was around – and every kid I’ve met and shared this with – has showed me so much love and compassion, and I haven’t felt judged by anyone. I haven’t felt ashamed wearing a swimsuit, or a normal fitting shirt. You know? I’m really starting to see this baby as a blessing. I really feel like I can go home and not feel ashamed of myself anymore.”

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