Fall Camp at Clearwater Cove


Leonard Davis, Area Director of Young Life Kansas City, shares about one of the guys that went to Clearwater Cove this fall:

These guys gave me a run for my money during our time at Clearwater Cove this fall. I’m glad they could experience camp. I remember taking this photo (right) and thinking, “I can’t believe these guys came to camp.” One of them is named Jordan. I’ve known Jordan for about three years. When Jordan gets around his friends, he can be challenging to deal with. One could easily miss his natural leadership ability and desire to follow Jesus. Jordan’s interest in hearing about Jesus and what walking with Jesus looks like has grown throughout the year. At camp the distractions of his life were replaced with the beauty of Young Life’s newest camp and all the food he could eat. Jordan got to hear the entire Gospel in a 48 hour time period and process it with his friends. The coolest thing to watch was Jordan during cabin time making his friends be quiet so he could get his questions answered about what the camp speaker said.

All of us in Young Life Kansas City that are pursuing relationships with kids strive to see them in relation to where God wants to take them instead of where they are currently. God has great things in store for Jordan. I’m excited that we can be a part of the journey in helping Jordan, and so many other kids in Kansas City, get there. 

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