Not Too Late to Give a Year End Gift

Year End Pic

The day before we went to camp this summer, I got a call from one of the127 guys already signed up to go. He told me that his friend Gary wanted to go to camp. I picked up Gary’s money and forms the next morning before we left for camp that evening. Gary had an amazing week at camp. A couple of months after camp, I was at a Center High School football game to watch Gary and some other guys play. I sat next to Gary’s math teacher and asked her how he was doing. She began to explain how Gary has struggled in the past staying focused and on task, but is now doing well. I then asked her about why she felt things were different with Gary. She told me that Gary began the school year by telling her that he decided to turn his life around.

Gary was a last minute addition to our camp trip this year.  He was able to go to camp because we only charge $250 instead of the full price of $650. From our conversations at camp and the time we spent together, I believe that his week at Timber Wolf Lake this summer was the catalyst for his decision to change his life.  It is a privilege for me to be a part of a kid deciding to change his life. You too can play a part in a kid making a decision to change their life through your support and prayers.

We want to give you the opportunity to consider giving a Year-End Gift this month to help us continue strongly the work of Young Life. It’s really easy to do. To give your Year-End Gift, simply click here.

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