White Elephant Party – An Unexpected Gift

Wyldlife held a White Elephant party as it’s semester send off and boy did we all get sent off in style!  We had a wide array of wonderfully strange gifts that we shared between each other. And though our gifts were funny, strange, and unexpected none were as unexpected at the gift that was shared later in the night.  As we began to wrap up our evening, a few of the kids noticed that we had way too much food for any of us to take home.  One of our leaders suggested that we seal up the food and distribute it to needy people in the city.  You should have seen Alonis and Kailynn as their eyes lit up.  They made sure that each meal had all of fixings… forks, napkins, pasta, bread, cookie ( that were decorated by the kids) and a bottle of water.  With a car full of people, food and hearts full of service, we all set out for the city streets.  Each kid had a task to handle.  Jaden-bottled water, Kailyn-cutlery, Alonis and Xye-food.  They worked as a team to make sure that we passed the items quickly out of the windows. We fed someone at a stop light then a few more down by the Mission.  All the while, I could hear the kids talking about how they wished they could feed everyone…that they wished no one would ever have to be homeless or hungry and how thankful they were that they had their families.  With vigilant eyes, they searched for more people to assist until it was just too late to go on any further.  It was that night that I got to talk to them about our Lord, his love for us, and how each of them pleased his heart as they served with the kind of love that Jesus calls us to have for one another. That night we all came to the party with the intent of sharing gifts.  We had  no idea of the gift that we were about to receive. That night, we were all leaders…Servant Leaders.


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