Banquet is Friday, April 12th 2019

registration open FB-01It’s time for our FREE annual celebration! This year’s banquet theme is “Party with a Purpose,” to set the stage for an event filled with both merriment and meaning—Similar to the experience teens find when going to a Young Life Club.

We are inviting our friends and sponsors of Young Life Kansas City Urban to gather together for a night of fun, fellowshipping, and learning more about our ministry within the area.

We are excited to share how Young Life has moved our community in enriching the lives of kids and adults and partnering with those wanting to engage with us.

Additionally, food and drinks will be provided!  Click Here for info!

Work Crew Training 2019

Work Crew Training Weekend 2019

These students have been with us for a long time. We are literally fighting for them.

It’s exciting for us to see how the Lord has worked and is working in their lives. We dug deep into work projects, the Bible, and in small group discussions. We heard stories we’ve never heard before about what it’s like for them as they do all they can to follow jesus. Their stories depict messy situations and challenging circumstances. They reveal that their heart is for Jesus but some of them lack the skills and tools necessary to process and handle things accordingly. However, each student has verbally declared their “YES” to Jesus. That’s how they’ve gotten here. Isn’t that all Jesus requires of us each day?  We see the evidence of the Holy Spirit’s transforming power in their lives. HALLELUJAH!
Thank you for praying. We had an amazing weekend. To God be the glory!

Fall Camp at Clearwater Cove


Leonard Davis, Area Director of Young Life Kansas City, shares about one of the guys that went to Clearwater Cove this fall:

These guys gave me a run for my money during our time at Clearwater Cove this fall. I’m glad they could experience camp. I remember taking this photo (right) and thinking, “I can’t believe these guys came to camp.” One of them is named Jordan. I’ve known Jordan for about three years. When Jordan gets around his friends, he can be challenging to deal with. One could easily miss his natural leadership ability and desire to follow Jesus. Jordan’s interest in hearing about Jesus and what walking with Jesus looks like has grown throughout the year. At camp the distractions of his life were replaced with the beauty of Young Life’s newest camp and all the food he could eat. Jordan got to hear the entire Gospel in a 48 hour time period and process it with his friends. The coolest thing to watch was Jordan during cabin time making his friends be quiet so he could get his questions answered about what the camp speaker said.

All of us in Young Life Kansas City that are pursuing relationships with kids strive to see them in relation to where God wants to take them instead of where they are currently. God has great things in store for Jordan. I’m excited that we can be a part of the journey in helping Jordan, and so many other kids in Kansas City, get there. 

First Summer at Clearwater Cove


One of our girls, Cassidy, had just graduated from high school and was prepared to attend college. Less than three weeks before our camp trip this past summer, she discovered that she was almost 8 weeks pregnant, and it shook up her whole world. Her boyfriend ended their one year relationship instantly, and she was overwhelmed with unrelenting pressure from his family to give up the baby. Her family’s support compelled her to keep the baby and courageously approach the next few months. Cassidy’s leader, Lauren, sat down with her mom and insisted that she should still have the full camp experience before she left for college in the fall. Cassidy’s mom agreed, and she attended camp with us this summer at Clearwater Cove in Lampe, Missouri. Immediately, Cassidy connected with the girls in her cabin in ways she could have never imagined, and instantly made new friends. When Lauren and Cassidy had a one-on-one conversation at the end of the week, Cassidy said, “When I was packing for camp, I filled my suitcase with baggy clothes. I was prepared to not tell anyone about the pregnancy, cover my stomach, and keep it a secret all week. I figured I would be at ‘church camp’, surrounded by a bunch of kids and adults who would just judge me and my situation. Instead, every adult I was around – and every kid I’ve met and shared this with – has showed me so much love and compassion, and I haven’t felt judged by anyone. I haven’t felt ashamed wearing a swimsuit, or a normal fitting shirt. You know? I’m really starting to see this baby as a blessing. I really feel like I can go home and not feel ashamed of myself anymore.”

Work Crew Story


Marc Finney graduated from Center High School in May of this year. He served on Work Crew in July at Timber Wolf Lake, a Young Life camp in Lake City, Michigan, where he served high school students for four weeks. The high school students came to Timber Wolf to enjoy a week of Young Life Camp. Marc went to Timber Wolf to serve on the outdoor crew, doing his part to keep the property beautiful. The experience pushed Marc physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. He was surrounded by people from all over the country who had a desire to serve and live their lives for Jesus. 

Marc had experienced many challenges in life and almost didn’t make it to Timber Wolf to serve on Work Crew. After being intensely pursued by his leader, Leonard, he was able to make it. Marc was deeply impacted by the experience. After arriving back home he said, “I was accepted for who I was and I now have a better understanding of Jesus’ call for us to follow him.”

4th Annual Appreciation and Fundraising Dinner

Spring Dinner

Each year in the Spring we host a dinner to appreciate the people to support what we do and also give others an opportunity to partner with us in ministry. At this year’s dinner we heard from volunteer leaders Jordan Feist and Lauren Scott. Lauren also blessed everyone with her voice as she sang two songs as she played the acoustic guitar. She’s so gifted. Leonard was the speaker for the night. The dinner was a huge success. We raised more than $10,000.

Servathon 2015


This year we pulled off our first ever Servathon. We brought kids together to serve another organization that’s making a huge impact in the city – The Hope Center. We were able to give the inside of one of their facilities and interior face lift as well as do some cleaning in their charter school, the Hope Leadership Academy. Not only were kids there serving a great organization, but they were raising money to go to Young Life camp this summer.

KC Metro in the House


This is the group we brought to All City Club. All City Club is where all the Young Life areas in the Kansas City Metro area come together and have one giant club. This year was special because it was the first All City Club in 5 years. We were in UMKC’s Pierson Hall. It was an epic night!

116 Clique Concert

2015-03-14 19.09.19

The leading group in Christian Rap is known as the 116 Clique. 116 comes from Romans 1:16, “For I am not ashamed of this Good News about Christ. It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes—the Jew first and also the Gentile.” Two artists from the group, Trip Lee and KB, were in concert at Concord Fortress of Hope. Leonard and new leader Anthony Bradley were in line waiting for the doors to open.